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Sub-health diagnosis therapy device
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Product: Views:9Sub-health diagnosis therapy device 
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Last updated: 2017-02-14 20:12

Basic Info.
  • Model No.: GB-68A 
1, Low frequency cure function, 2, Hammering, Acupuncture, 3, Naprapathy, Cupping, 4, Scraping, Massage and heating function 1. General Instruction: Our machine can assist user to diagnose their health condition accurately, all round and easily even at home, which can be considered as a real "home doctor". By using electric pulses to stimulate acupuncture points deep beneath the skins, the machine will not stink and hurt human skins like traditional acupuncture methods using silver needles. During diagnoses, the LCD displays the diagnoses data. By calculating and analyzing these data, users can easily get their healthy index and know their health condition. By using the diagnosed results, users can treat themselves correspondingly and achieve the following treatments: Soothing and stimulating blood circulating system, releasing pain, balancing the "Yin/Yang" of bodies, curing internal diseases by external acupuncture methods. 2. Main Function:  (1) Diagnosis Therapy, as your best home doctor, locating weak acu-points on palm or all over the body with different detector heads. (2) Electrical Acupuncture Therapy, treatment on the acu-point and ease the disease (3) Heating function with pads, which gives you comfortable hot feeling and help to cure rheumatism (4) Low frequency cure function, Simulation treatment mode: Hammering,Acupuncture,Naturopathy,Cupping,Scraping,Massage etc.

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